When browsing our specification sheets or catalogues, you may have seen an IK rating (like IK08) listed alongside a luminaire as a feature.

IK code was closely related to the IP factor "ingress protection", but not standardized, which led to the development of the IK standard, and started to use it as two numeral code, here we will try to help you understand the IK rating in a simple way

What is IK Rating?

IK Rating or the impact resistance is an international standard that defines the degree of protection against external mechanical impact, which uses a two-numeric code that has a specific meaning and indicates the level of protection from mechanical impact. In light devices, the IK rating defines its resistance to both accidental impact and vandalism.

The photo below shows the value per IK rating in joules and its equivalent hammer force.

IK impact resistance

What is the right protection for your application?

IK Rating Application Suggested Item
IK 06 Post top Light Halo
IK 07 Flood light Vega
IK 08 Wall washer Cascade
IK 09 High bay Zahi
IK 10 Inground light - Street light Atlas - Mada

Ratings that demonstrate the degree of Impact resistance (IK) is critical for street, industrial and outdoor lighting products. IK ratings are required in specific applications when high impact glass provides protection for the enclosed lamp.