Light has the capacity to create an atmosphere much more than furniture or an accessory can, it recreates unique sensations and experiences with its different lighting type. In this article we will help you to know more about Task lighting which can provide increased light for tasks that require accuracy.

Task Lighting Definition

Task lighting is one of the most important lighting types that used in most places you go. This direct, intense illumination is ideal for detailed task work, such as preparing food, grooming, reading and writing at a desk. It’s focused on specific area where the task is performed and is brighter than ambient lighting. Effective task lighting is glare free and strong enough to prevent eyestrain.

Task Lighting

How to light your space with Task Lighting?

Always consider the tasks that will be performed in a room before designing the lighting. Plan for multiple uses of rooms, and for various arrangements of furniture. Task lighting can be provided by using lighting fixtures with high illumination and low glare, such as table and floor lamps that can be aimed in a specific direction, for demanding visual tasks such as reading and writing, Wall adjustable arm lights, also known as reading lights that can be positioned to direct light onto reading material and avoid glare.

Task Lighting

The main types of Task Lighting fixtures

There are different kinds of lights can give you the task lighting effect. We recommend using the best task lamps as below:

  • Antiglare Floor lamp such as Flaco with 360-degree rotated lenses
  • Reading lamp such as Clara with wide rotating and tilting degree and various colors
  • Pendant light to give direct light to overhead in working areas such as Spectra
  • Linear highbay using in warehouses to focus light on storage racks such as Ahyaf
Task Lighting